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Testimony of Kim Song

2019-02-03 15:31
Pastor’s Letter(758) Feb 3, 2019

Testimony of Kim Song

I met my current husband (Kang Won-rae) who was in his third year of high school
at a nightclub when he was a senior in high school . At first sight,I was fascinated
by the big tall and manly personality. From that time my husband became my idol.
In 1991, when my husband enlisted and we started going out I received more than
750 letters, I was really happy when he said "My love Songyi, all I trust is you and money” to me.

After he got discharged he became famous as a choreographer for many singers,
and worked as “Clone” and became a popular singer. His song
has received a great deal of love. I did two albums in a group called Cola,
but t it did not meet the expectations of my agency and the public.
In the end, among Shin Seung-hoon, Park Mi-kyung, Clone, Noise and so-called star of the stars,
I became the first singer who didnt become big in my agency. I was in a state of inferiority,
and my self-esteem was as low as it could possibly get.

In August 2000, my husband proposed to me, "Let's build a picture-like house on that green
grassland and live well." I was deeply touched by the thought that 'Finally,
I will have a happy life' I was really pleased with his propose. However, just like the calm before
the storm, the joy ended in just three months. On November 9, 2000, at about 2:00 pm,
my husband, who went to his home to wash his motorcycle, clashed with an illegal U-turn car
at a distance of less than 1 km from home. As a result, he was unable to walk again,
and he received a first-degree disability in the lower half of the body,
which I cannot feel even if I touch it.

At first, I was confident that I would take care of my husband until the day I died,
believing in the power of love. But in a totally new reality that we could have imagined,
my quarrel with my husband never ceased. I was with my husband that I wanted so much,
but I got to the limit of human love. In my mind, I demanded a divorce and alimony in my mind
with as the reward of my care, and I abused my husband because of
"I am a victim, you are a perpetrator".

Furthermore, I thought “There is no one as nice as me” Outside the house,
I lived as if I was an angel and I deceived myself. Then the mother who battled with cancer
left a will before she died. "As I leave my children on this earth, I can’t stop thinking about them."
She cried and said to us, "You must believe in God and go to church."

In fact, she divorced my father and married a married man breaking another family.
She chose the world away from God and lived as a Buddhist for over 20 years.
Then, the cancer was spread to the whole body, and the repentance was made with tears.

I first attended our church at the end of May 2006. Back then, Pastor Kim Yang Jae
preached the gospel of Matthew, and in the sermon "We can never call the name of God
unless we have an evil husband, a mean mother-in-law, and evil boss, they are there so
I can call on the name of Jesus. So, when we hear that we are the ones who owe to the gospel"

I could not help being amazed at how the pastor knew my story.
"Jesus came to this land not to come to save the righteous, but to come to make sinners repent."
I confessed ‘I thought I was an angel, but I was a sinner.’ I was baptized in church
and received various teachings, and I could not decide to divorce any more.
I felt like I would be happy if I only had a husband. Until then, when I wanted the king
of the world, then I found love in God's vengeance.

My husband also worshiped and went to the church community. In February 2011,
my husband was enrolled at a church and attended church communities.
I failed in vitro fertilization five times before 2008. I almost gave up, but four years later
I got a letter from my husband saying, "Let's try another vitro fertilization?"
And after five years, I was able to get my child after the test tube baby procedure again.
Thank you, God, for giving us our spiritual child.

(Kim Yang Jae, Nevertheless He loves us, Duranno, pp. 49 ~ 51)