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A Miracle Caused by Friendly Love

2018-11-04 15:35
Pastor’s Letter(746) Nov. 4, 2018

A Miracle Caused by Friendly Love

There was a pastor who lived in Pennsylvania. Two women lived near the church
and they seemed to be very lonely. They were aggressive and selfish so people
were reluctant to approach them. The pastor asked a female church member to visit
their house. She was brave and friendly, but even the doorway to the house scared her.

She knocked on the door, and one of the two women opened the door and said bluntly.
"What's going on?" After reassuring them that she just came to help them,
she took the visitor in. She followed the women to the bedroom and found her weak mother
laying down on the bed. Her mother looked at the visitor, frowned, and gave her
a suspicious look.

Once the mother began speaking, all the stories reminded the visitor of the people
who told her about two women. The visitor was scared and regretted that she accepted
the request. But as the mother continued the story, the visitor began to think about the love
that God showed to women like them. The visitor thought “God loves these women. So do I.”

Surprisingly enough, as they began sharing stories and expressing their sympathy,
a tremendous change was happening within the mother. She could herself felt the change.
By the time the visitor left the house, she could hug and kiss the sick women.
The mother's tears ran down her wrinkled eyes, and her stiffened face was smiling.
Christ's kindness was reviving a person who was starving for love.

Her simple action has opened a new path. Many other people in the Church have learned
from her kindness. One of the church members donated heating fuel fees to
the women’s house. Some people gave them a refrigerator. Variety of clothes arrived
at the women's house. Somebody arranged for the old mother a way of treatment
that was desperately needed. Children from church sent them cards and a baked cake.
A young man took care of the grass of the house. Neighbors offered them to use their
home phone any time they need it. A woman gave them ride to the supermarket.

Thanks to this new friendship, they finally had time to participate in the bible study
and pray together. Not so long ago, both of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal
Savior and Lord. All of these could have started because they showed the love of Jesus Christ
through kindness. When the church members began to visit this house, the daughter
would often ask "Why do you care about us? Why are you coming to my house?”

The church members sought to express to others the love and kindness of Jesus.
This courageous love and kindness showed the two ladies that God is alive, and God is love
("How will you love?").

In the 『Catch the spirit of love』 by George Sweeting. Victor Books. pp. 58-60