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A crazy man his life he passed, but in his senses died at last

2018-10-14 14:23
Pastor’s Letter (743) Oct 14th, 2018

A crazy man his life he passed, but in his senses died at last

Spanish author Cervantes was financially unstable before he died.
He lived in poverty all his life. In Don Quixote, one of his novels, his epitaph read
“A crazy man his life he passed, But in his senses died at last.”
You might think that reality is too much to handle. Some people go crazy or live in addiction
to forget the reality. We can easily find people addicted to alcohols, works, and gambles.
It is hard to end your life beautifully if your life is out of balance.

How I look at my life is important, but how God sees me is more important.
God sees the center of the heart and looks over the plans.
This is how God thought of people before punishing the world with the.
“The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth,
and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.
The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth,
and his heart was deeply troubled.” (Genesis 6-5-6).

God had mercy on human, thus Jesus came to bring salvation.
Happiness begins from knowing how Jesus understands me, how he forgave me,
and how he loved me. If you embrace the love from the cross as you live,
your life can become beautiful. Loving God and human, you can live everyday meaningfully.

There was a missionary named Rubye Rachael Kendrick.
As a South Methodist church missionary, she went to country called Joseon(present day Korea)
to spread the love of Jesus. She was 24 when she left. However, when she arrived,
she suffered from acute appendicitis. She predicted her death.
So she sent a letter to Texas youth organization that deployed her to Korea.
『 If I die, please tell youth members to come to Joseon in 10, 20, 50 people from morning to afternoon.
If I had a thousand lives to give, Korea should have them all. 』

This is from the last letter of her to her parents.
『This land, Chosun, is truely a beautiful land. They all resemble God.
The persecution is getting stronger... There were orders from the mission board to return,
but the most missionaries are in hiding and worshiping with those whom they have shared
the gospel with…
It seems that they are all planning to be martyred.
Tonight, I have strong desire to return home…
I will bury my heart in this land.
I realized that this passion for Chosun that I have is not mine but God’s passion toward Chosun.
Mom, Dad! I love you. 』

She came to Korea and died at the age of 25, but her love will shine forever.
If I spread the love of Christ to all who I meet, will there be more beautiful life than this?

I pray that your life will be a pathway to blessing!