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The miracle that One-on-One training makes

2018-10-07 10:46
Pastor’s Letter (742) 2018. Oct 7th

The miracle that One-on-One training makes

Let me introduce a testimony from Pastor Kim Hyoung Hoy.
『I worked in multinational organizations before I became a pastor.
Living as a businessman over 20 years, there were many times when I had to drink.
I always had burden in my heart because I was not setting a good example as a Christian.
After one-to-one discipleship training, I had learned to desire the word of God.
At this point of time, God told me to quit drinking. I obeyed God and decided to
abstain from alcohol. A part of a businessman’s job was to drink with clients,
but I stopped doing that. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel uncomfortable.
Rather, I had better business results.

Soon, God gave me heart to start one-to-one discipleship training. I obeyed him again,
but if the partner did not wish to do the training, I wasn’t going to force them.
To my amazement, the partner wanted to do it. That’s how I started the discipleship
training with co-workers. After I started the training, I went to church six days a week.
I went to church after work as if I was attached to a string. God led me to flourish in business
and I had healthier life. There was a trouble in the midst of the discipleship training.
Due to restructuring, my partner was to be fired. What was worse, I had to tell him that
because I was his boss. I carefully told him after we finished the training with prayer.

His reaction was astonishing. “If I had not done one-to-one discipleship training with you,
you could have become my worst enemy. But now that I believe in God who works for the good,
I will accept everything. I give thanks to God”. He was thankful for the opportunity
he had to work for the company for 20 years. He worked diligently for the remaining
3 months before he retired.

It was a month before the termination. Our company decided to collaborate with
another company, my partner and I were anonymously nominated as the administrator
of the project. This is how great and amazing God is. After we finished the training,
I asked him how it was. He said he was moved when he saw me completely abstaining
from alcohol. Hearing that, it made me realize again that living life as a Christian is
the fifth synoptic.

One-on-One discipleship training and Quiet Time is the blessings toward church from God.
Sharing between partners help them to realize God’s words in their journey,
then our life transforms and replenishes. This is the miracle that One-on-One training makes.
(Jeong Ho Ok, 2인3각 행진곡. Duranno. pp. 134~136)

One-on-One training is not about teaching, but about sharing one’s life in Holy Spirit.
Both of their life transforms when there’s prayer and Holy Spirit working in them.
If you want to experience the happiness coming from loving a life of person,
participate in one-on-one discipleship ministry.

“If you put these things before the brothers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus,
being trained in the words of the faith and of the good doctrine that you have followed.”
(1 Timothy 4:5-6)