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The poetry for daughter

2018-05-06 14:47
Pastor’s Letter (722) May 6th, 2018

The poetry for daughter

A poet told her young daughter
Not a good person or a good student
But to be a good observer
How the onion next to the window of winter is rooted
When people laugh and when they cry
Go to the school today
Looking for a kid who did not have a lunch box
And share it together.
(Jongha Ma, the poet. Poetry for the daughter).

Parents who don’t reveal their names pray for their children like this

Good God,
Thank you for the grace that You loved my family so that you gave children as gifts.
Bless the child’s head, that they may become wise and understanding like Solomon,
and be a discerning child what is God’s will.
Bless their eyes, soak them with the tears of repentance, and let them become who see the vision of God as the vision of Ezekiel, not the vanity of the world.
Bless their ears, so that they can hear the voice of love heard by God like Samuel.
Bless their lips, that prayers and hymns for you never cease, and will live a life of thanksgiving, comfort and passion like Barnabas.
Bless their heart, so that they may be filled with emotion of salvation and give them the character of Jesus to be children of gentleness, forgiveness, and passion.
Bless their hands, let them be a children who are humility and serve like Jesus who washed his disciples’ feet.
Bless their feet, let them walk the way of the cross in silence, not a way of desire.

Thanks the Lord who give intercession for us(Hebrews 7:25).
Thanks to the ranch family, intercessory team, and brothers and sisters for praying for us
and thanks to God who responds to prayer. God is a rewarder to those who seek Him(Hebrew 11:6).
I hope you will also receive this award.