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Is it hard just for me?

2018-04-29 14:23
Pastor’s letter (721) April 29th, 2018

Is it hard just for me?

If you think like this ‘Everyone else seems to be doing well, Is it hard just for me?’ you are normal.
Most people live in this way. I cannot tell people around me about my difficulties some people are
afraid to say that it is hard to tell people around what if they do not like if. The Bible tells us that
suffering is a common experience that is experienced by everyone. What matters is how I will
respond when it is hard and painful. It depends on each person’s choice and decision.

There are people who leave indelible hart to the others when their feelings are upset or when they
are under severe stress. There are those who commit crimes or lead their lives in a destructive direction.
But we can find people who lead change in ways that are beneficial even if we meet painful reality
and events. “It has become more beneficial for me to suffer. Because of that suffering, I learned the
Lord’s statutes. The law that the Lord himself has spoken to me is worth than a thousand pounds of
gold and silver.” The psalmist confesses (Psalm 119: 71-72).

So what can we do to bring beneficial results through suffering?

Fist, why is this suffering come to me, to look at myself. Who am I? Was it once repeated to me? A pastor has been asked this question. “What do you think the greatest obstacle in your ministry?” unlike the one who asked the question, he replied “I am myself”. The common feature of those who experienced miracles of healing from Jesus is that they found their weakness in suffering and sought God. Anyone who feels that I am a sinner will desire the grace of God’s forgiveness. Those who have found their weakness should be admitted rather than upset. One day Paul acknowledges his weakness and boasts of weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). It is because I have realized that I am a pathway to receive the power of the Lord.

Second, when it is tougher, you have to get rid of your self-centered thoughts. When I am humble, suffering passes quickly. A person who does not know pain is likely to become a selfish person who not only understands his own shortcomings but also does not understand other people’s suffering. The reason why the controversy about the wealthy children is constantly occurring is that they have not experienced a difficult process. You need humility and perseverance to understand the other’s position. We should not neglect people. If I respect other people, I can confirm God’s love for me. Why did Jesus use the crown of thorns and shed blood? It is because of me. To love and to save me. Will the love go away when I am tough?

Third, it is better to start again form small thing. When people often feel it is hard, it is because they considered that is big thing. The mountain cannot be moved. However, it is easy to divide a large mountain into 10 equal parts, and to divide it into 12 months instead of a month. The Lord says that those who are faithful to the very small things are faithful to the great ones, and those who are unjust to the very small things are also unjust to the great ones (Luke 16:10). A small church, a person who can rejoice even in small service, will hear the Lord’s praise. It is the era of micro. Just as we understand the enormous potential of the small, God will be very pleased with our little service.