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How to love?

2018-04-09 19:27
Pastor’s letter (718) April 8 th 2018

How to love?

I asked Singer-songwriter, my niece, “who is the singer which was the most singing well and
impressive you have ever met?” and niece replied “Sooni In”. Since then I have been interested in singer

Sooni In. She was born in South Korea between a black American soldier and a Korean mother. She is a
talented singer who is not only living in the pride of a being a mixed blood in Korean society but also being
loved and recognized by the public. When she appeared on a talk show program, the host asked “what is
the reason that you live in such dignified and wonderful shape today?” She confessed that she lived
because she always thought she had love behind her life. She answered ‘no’ to the question “Does the
moment of the peak of life was a Carnegie Hall performance?” and she said it was a performance at the

At the venue where many of the soldiers who participate in the Korean War were attending, she
said, “You are all my father, and I am your daughter. Do not be too hurt to have a daughter like me. I do
not blame you. I was born because of your love and God’s love. And now I am never unhappy. I live a
beautiful life. I came here to say this. My fathers, I love you.”

During the Crusades (1095-1291), a British knight was captured by the Egyptian army and dragged to
Saladin. The knight was destined to be executed soon. He was more afraid to leave sorrow to his loving
wife than to fear his death. So he begged Saladin with two hands. “Please save me. In the England, my wife
who loves and cherish me is waiting for me. ” When he heard this, Saladin snorted. “Do not say that. After
you die, your wife will soon forget you and marry someone else.” It was not so, and the knight was so
strong in his belief in his wife. At this point, Saladin make a bold and playful suggestion. “If your wife cuts
off her right hand and send that, I will release you.” The knight refused that suggestion and replied that
rather kill him.

However, this news was reported to Britain on the side of the messenger who returned to
England. After heard this news, the wife of the knight boldly cut her right hand and sent that to Saladin,
despite the dissuasion of the people around her. Saladin received that box and was impressed, so he
immediately released him and he returned to his homeland.

When he returned to England, he hugged and cried with a wife who lost one hand. Due to he saved his life
from the love of his wife, so he became his wife’s right hand and looked after her. When she died,
the neighbors collected money and made statue. They set up a statue next to the church she usually
attended, and the entire village celebrated her love.

It was the love of Christians that those who did not go to church were most attracted and charming
when they saw Christians. Whether slave or noble, male or female, whatever the profession, foreigner,
or skin color, Christians wanted to experience such love while seeing and tolerating each other.
Even when a sinner who has done something wrong felt compassion and forgiveness of his soul
and he felt the greatness of God’s love. The Lord sacrificed his life for my sins to be forgiven and
to live a happy life. He say “Like I have loved you, so you do.”