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The thing that I realized at the worst moment

2018-03-20 19:00
Pastor’s letter (715) March 18 th , 2018
The thing that I realized at the worst moment

The book that was best seller of last year in Korea is『The subtle art of not giving a fuck』. In the
book, there is an accident which changed the author; Mark Manson’s life. When he was 19 years old,
he went to party with Josh who is his friend, and Josh drowned. Mark fell into depression, was afraid
of people, and for couple of months Josh shown up in his dream. He secretly smoked marijuana, lazy,
irresponsible, afraid of people, and suffered from anxiety disorders. In a dream, Josh said like this
“Till when are you going to care about my death now?” Mark woke from a dream and tears. And
suddenly this enlightenment struck the brain. ‘if there is no reason to do anything, there is no reason
not to do anything. If die someday, there is no reason to give in to fear or shame. These are nothing
after all. I have spent most of my short lives to avoid pain and discomfort, and I have actually avoided

That summer, he stopped smoking marijuana, cigarettes, and video games. He got out of the sweet
imagination of being a rock star. And he went to college. He went to gym and lost a lot of weight. He
made new friends. He met his girlfriend for the first time. He actually tried to study. Once, he realized
that he could get a good grade if he take care. He tried to read 50books within 50days to try himself,
and he made if. The before and after of friend Josh’s death was distinctly different. He was
introspective, unchallenged until the tragedy happen, he was a child who was unable to do anything to
care of other people’s gaze. But after the tragic incident, he became a responsible, curious, and sincere
person. He still left some anxiety and core, now he have paid more attention to things that are more
important than anxiety and corruption. And everything has different. He said that the worst moments
of his life have transformed him. (His book p.217~221)

Sometimes, we live to give too much intension on not necessary thing. For example, what others say
about me if I behave like this? If I say that my think is different than you, then my friends might
doesn’t like me or leave me. Even though I have much things like to do, what if I fail? Which cake
should I choose for my friend’s birthday? Why are we take care of the thing that not much important?
It is because we afraid of distress coming. There are people who have a dream really want to do, but
not even try for it. There are a lot of people who can’t ask the date to favorite person. There are many
people who live their lives without even knowing what they want to do.

Jesus decided to go on that road ahead of the crucifixion of death on the cross (Luke 9:51). The Lord
did not care about everything, but focused on the most important things. The priority was clear. There
was trust in God’s character, he was very courageous because He knew His Father’s heart that He
wanted to forgive people’s sins. The love of the Lord is still flowing. Even if we are experiencing
hardships now, if we realize that the Lord’s death is a love for me, we will be matured.