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Meaning of the Holy Communion

2018-03-02 14:43
Pastor’s letter (712) Feb 25 th 2018

Meaning of the Holy Communion

The Holy Communion is commemorate the death of Jesus. This ceremony was not made by man, but was
ordained by Jesus at the sacred meal that he had done with his disciples before he faced his crucifixion. It
is a ceremony to remember the death of Jesus as there are memorials and remembrances of man’s death.
One difference is that people cannot come back to this world, however Jesus will be reconsidered in
history so this ceremony will last until the day the Lord returns.
So why did the Lord make this ceremony? And what does He ask us to remember? Frist, the Lord’s death
means that keeping in mind the fact that the substitutionary death to give eternal life for us because we are
destined to die as a sinner. Everyone comes to death by sin, but Jesus’ death is action to give life with His
love for us. It’s not because sin, but love. The bread used in sacramental ceremonies symbolizes the Lord’s
body. The Lord’s body is torn to save my filthy body, and the Lord’s blood flows to wash away my sin. The
Lord is present among us when we once again thank His love as we do this ceremony of eating the Lord’s
body and drinking the blood. Remembering that the Lord’s death gave me eternal life. The person who is
forgiven is happy.
Second, as we participate in sacrament meeting, we are once again checking the relationship between Him
and me. The word of the Lord is in my heart, and I am always in His prayer. In other words, the
relationship between the Lord and me is a relationship of life that cannot be broken. It is a relationship of
love that will last forever. It is the relationship that will not change. There is a Lord at the end of the life
path to walk. The Lord is the truth I should know. He who believes in the Lord will live forever. In the
future, an industry that sells human accessories will develop. By making or replacing human organs such
as stomach, eye, and heart with plastic or special paper material, we will extend human life to more than
200 years. The concept of marriage will also disappear. If a medicine that synthesizes human emotions
will develop, so you eat only the medicine, the day will come that you smile all day long. The way of
thinking will change, moral will change, and the pace of change will be even faster. But no matter how the
world changes, there is the things that will not change. It is His love for me. Even though the civilization
develops, man needs to be forgiven for sins, and soul needs personal love. If the Holy Spirit does not
present, without God’s love, man will become a beast or he will go crazy.
Third, the sacrament reminds us that we are one family, not another. The word ‘communion’ contains the
meaning of ‘together’. The life of faith is not done by oneself, but is done together with consciousness of
community. We have acquired new life with God’s grace and have been reborn as children of God. I have
been able to live in the kingdom of God forever. Each of us has been created in a variety of ways, but we
appreciate and praise God for its diversity. In Africa there is a greeting called “Ubunty”, which means “I
am present because you are present.” Although race, gender, status, and ability are all different, we have a
commonality of ‘children of God’.