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A Journey of Life

2018-02-20 17:49
Pastor’s letter (711) Feb 18 th 2018
A Journey of Life

My father in law had end the 82 years traveling, and then he went back to God. He was born as the second
son in three males and two females. The most meaningful event I see is that he became to realize the
existence of God in the revival where he attended with his wife. Since then, he has begun the life of faith,
and as he gets older and sick, he lived with hope in God more. We live as a student, as a husband, and as a
profession, but in fact, that role is not myself. Even if my body have ill and became a cancer patient, the
disease itself is not myself. Even if I live with a disability for the rest of my life, the disability cannot be
God created each person’s souls uniquely. Each person’s soul is free and it cannot compare with others.
You cannot raise of lower the value of a person because of the reasons which are like you have a lot of
knowledge or a lot of money. The challenge we must realize in our life journey which have started from
birth is ‘Who am I?’ If there is no one to see, I have to ask myself what I want to do. Whether the result
would be a failure or a success, you have to ask yourself what you really want to do. You should not excuse
like this ‘I could not do what I really want to do in order to be what my family want me to do’. When we
looking back on our life, we will have many regrets that I could not live as I wanted. Would not we be
responsible for my life even though the realities given to me were hard and difficult? We may have wanted
to live like who we jealous. However, when you are looking back the life at his perspective, would not it be
same to him? We should not be like others, but ourselves. This is because imitating others as they are is a
fake to wear masks, not true ones. How tired and hard is it to live in consciousness of others? We write a
resume which introducing me to enter the company I want, but actually that resume is not me. When we
try to come to the US for studying abroad, even if you prove your bank balance cost, the bank balance
cannot be yourself. Jobs, appearance, illness, family, sexuality, and career will give help to know and
understand about myself, but these things can always change. No matter how old and winkled I am, I am
always an innocent little child before God.
Being pretend to be a good, gentle, and godly life is tired and God does not like it either. God helps me to
understand who I am through the Bible. I am a soul who wants pleasure, wants freedom, and wants to live
my own way. This is God who made me, and God always loves me. The reason we are happy is because of
the fact that God created us. God has given us a heart to know good and evil in us, and a desire for eternity.
We are not a foolish person who has lived for over 100years and becomes a handful of powder and
disappears into the ground. Neither being sucked into a black hole in an unknown space. We are an
honorable being created to live forever like God, and a unique personality that is incomparable to others. I
am a child of God who is loved by God and is created so that I can feel my presence more when I love
others. The meaning of life is to learn how to love, and we can confess that I lived well when we felt
grateful for loved and being loved. Only these who know that I am being loved by God can close their eyes
happily at the moment of death. I hope that the love of God will flow into your heart for those who are read
this article.