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Between Anxiety and Comfort

2018-01-26 21:29
Pastor’s letter (708) Jan 14th 2018

Between anxiety and comfort

Immigrant life is anxiety. There is a status anxiety that comes from not receiving permanent residency or
citizenship. Because of the poor English skills, they do not receive compensation for damages through
appropriate procedures, even though they get undeserved things. They afraid that as their child grow, child
may be tempted or drifted. Also, they are anxious that what if it will be their turn next time whenever they
hear that their friend is get out of this world with a heart attack, a traffic accident, and cancer. A deacon who
opened a small restaurant did not know it before and learned how many similar types of restaurants are
there. It is a competitive world. We want to live with a comfortable heart, but the anxiety comes to us like a
shadow. Why is life so uneasy?
Rachel was much more beautiful than her sister Leah. But Leah had four sons, and Rachel had no sons. She
was anxious that her husband Jacob’s attention would be focused on her sister. When her anxious got
intense, she became irritated and nervous about her husband, and she became jealous of her sister. “When
Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister. So she said to
Jacob, “Give me children, or I’ll die!” (Gen 30:1) But Jacob could not console her anxiety. Jacob was also
angry and irritated. “Do I even become a God?” Jacob was not psychologically mature enough to stabilize and
comfort her. What would be good to choose and decide in this case? Rachel suggests the way Sarah used, who
was her grandmother. Sara had the promise of God, but she could not wait by anxiety, and eventually tried to
get a son through her maid Hagar. The body gets old and the mind becomes uneasy, so that make it hard to
trust God consistently. Jacob was also unable to resolve the uneasy situation with faith. He forgot that his
father, Isaac, had pray to God and gave birth to him. We can also feel this anxiety when we are in a
competitive relationship.
We are anxious when we leave our parents or send our children away. Koreans often cry at the wedding
ceremony. Parents, who have sustained an uneasy affectionate relationship with their child or an excessive
attachment are more disturbed. However, the mature parents are more likely to give dependency as their
children are younger, and encourages independence as they are grow up. A “helicopter parent” is a parent
who always nags a child and interferes with the school and the teacher. It is raising a child to a mama’s boy. It
is because the anxiety acts on this mentality. The problem is that such interference and intervention hinders
you child’s growth. Parents with higher anxiety are more likely to turn their children into dependents.
Virginia Satir, who wrote the book “Making People” wrote that in such a family, “human being of rejection is
likely to be manufactured.”
People’s evaluation and criticism are also factors that make them uneasy. The test-takers, who have
examination ahead are also anxious. Pain and death are also inevitable factors in life. What should we do
when this happens? We must focus on the word of God that gives us. God speaks many times that do not be
afraid. The Lord promised to give us peace. (John 14:27) He said he would accompany us to the end of the
world. Hope you will grab His hand and walk with happiness as you become uneasy.