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Let me live like this in the New Year

2018-01-01 15:21
Pastor’s letter (706) Dec 31 st 2017

Let me live like this in the New Year

God, let me live with a smile everyday in the New Year. Let me meet people with a bright face. There will
be difficulties and conflicts with people, but I want to rejoice always in the Lord. Understanding others is
important but very difficult. If I can’t understand everything, please broaden my mind so I can tolerate it.
When I have suffered physical harm, when I hear someone abuse me, when my opinion is rejected and my
self-esteem goes down, please let me think about the Lord and tolerate. Let me be receptive and tolerant.
God, let me stop the habit of worry and increase prayer in the New Year. When I see myself worrying, let
me turn my head and look at the birds flying through the sky. Let me look at the flowers on the ground. Let
me remind my heart to restore a firm belief that the God who feeds and clad these birds and flowers is also
taking care of me. I thank you Lord, not just because I have no current problems to solve or hardships to
endure but for always being with me and giving me peace. Please Lord keep me calm and peaceful, even
when reality and my situation are fluctuating. Let me realize the peace that the Lord and not this world can
give me. Let my heart be neither anxious nor fearful.
God, let me learn with a humble heart in the New Year. The world is changing fast and I have many things
to learn. There are many things to listen to. Things I want to see are overflowing. Whatever I learn,
whatever I listen to, whatever I see, please let me practice in my life. Even though there is only one thing I
do today, let me act in this simple life by relying on the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me to live in a
world filled with good books, beautiful music and impressive movies. Let give thanks to God who gives me
time to meditate in quiet places and His grace to make me grow. Please let my life become a little simpler,
and help me enjoy the simple things in life like a well-organized desk. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank
you for the snow and the rain. Thank you for the change of seasons. In all these circumstances, let me
learn the heart of God who values ​​our souls.
God, let me find if the lonely souls in the New Year among the Korean people. Let me know if they are
afraid of being hurt, and want to know God but don’t want to go to church. Let me share the gospel with
them. Let me share the nature of God's loving character and the affection of Jesus' crucifixion and the love
and forgiveness of the resurrected Jesus. Let everyone who loves the Lord be a preacher who cares not
only for his family but also for his neighbors and preach the gospel, and let him live like a missionary.
Let our lives, like the Lord's wish, be a small lamp and a salt in the darkness of the heart. Just as the Lord
has been a good friend of mine, I would also like to be a friend to tired souls in the New Year. I thank God
for giving me the opportunity to love, rejoice and be thankful.