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The reason Jesus came

2017-12-27 14:22
Pastor’s letter (705) Dec 24th 2017
The reason Jesus came

Is there anything that is as important as communication in human relationships? If your minds are closed to each other, no matter how you talk, there is no communication. It is only possible to communicate by opening the door of the heart. Wounds and misunderstandings will close our hearts. Also, if I think that I am righteous and think that the other person is wrong, I can’t communicate with him. You need to lower yourself and have a humble heart to talk with your opponent so that communication will be possible. So a sinner can’t open his heart to a righteous person. Even though a successful friend wants to meet a failed friend and comfort him, it is difficult for the failed friend to gain comfort from him. No matter how comforting people try to be to hospitalized patients, healthy people are not really able to comfort these patients. A patient who lost one leg changed hospital rooms and met a patient who lost both legs in the new room. He says he was comforted by this patient.

A church member came to the worship service 5 minutes late. He was embarrassed, so he leaned down and sat quietly in search of a vacancy. But five minutes later a deacon who was his close friend came. At that time, he was very glad to see him. The mind of a person can be so nasty. We try to comfort ourselves through someone who is unhappier than we are. Even if there is a struggle between a couple, if you point to the righteous and point out the other's fault, the conversation is blocked. Communication will never happen. It seems that God, who knows more than any human mind, believes that communicating with a man who has fallen into sin will not be possible without God's lowering himself to the place of sinners. So God Himself came in the form of a man. And not in a stronger body like a Terminator, but as a baby with no power.

Jesus did not sin, but he went down to the prisoner's seat. Although he was usually known by the nickname of a friend of sinners, his status at the time of his death fell to that of a crucified prisoner. He suffered; furthermore he was painfully put to death. The reason for this is that He was trying to convey His love for us through His suffering on the cross. It means that the weight of our sin is as heavy as the cross, but that God's love is hotter than this pain. The place where the baby Jesus was born was not the VIP room of the university hospital neonatal room. He lay His baby in the stinky trough that the cattle or horses used as a food cask. As soon as He was born, King Herod tried to find Him, and when he found Him, he would try to kill Him. Just as one with true love can’t escape suffering, there has been persecution and obstruction of the love of God for man by the wicked. Despite being a good work of God and a beautiful work to save man, Jesus was not welcomed by all. God loved man. Satan was envious and jealous of man. The priests, the scribes, and the Pharisees envied and hated Jesus even when Jesus grew to look after the poor, heal the sick, and spread the work of salvation. But it could not stop Jesus' love for us. The love of the Lord is stronger than death, and is greater than the world. The Lord is with us now. I worship the baby Jesus who showed me the heart of God who loves me.