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When you are thankful, you will be happy

2017-11-26 11:43
Pastor’s letter (700) Nov. 19th 2017

When you are thankful, you will be happy

Thanks come from faith. Without faith, we can’t be thankful. People who believe in God and trust others are happy. When I believe that God is the one who is gracious to me and when I am thankful, faith grows. Thankfulness is a blessing that can only be experienced when trying to understand the sincerity of others. God is love. The unhappiness that comes to me is not because of God. A common characteristic of unhappy people is that they are deeply distrustful. Suspicious couples, suspicious church members, doubtful friends can never be happy. Misunderstandings are more horrible and terrible in human history than war. The beginning of all unhappiness began with a misunderstanding. We who are incomplete can misunderstand each other, but we must pray for understanding. God has understood we who are sinful. Won’t you be able to love if you understand?

Appreciation makes us realize how precious we are. Many people suffer from low self-esteem. Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler said everyone has a sense of inferiority. American psychologist William James claimed that those who believe themselves to be worthless and who believe they are meaningless suffer psychological distress. So how do we turn a negative self-image into a healthy, bright self-image?

Listening to the Word of God and realizing God's love for me and my worth. God says that we are not created as relatives of monkeys, but as special beings created in the image of God. God created you to have intellectual ability, the ability to communicate, the freedom to choose, the knowledge of good and evil, and the responsibility to rule and control other creatures. It is not because of our ability that we are honorable, but because God loves us.

Because He loves us, God sent His only begotten Son to us. He also sent us the Holy Spirit and is leading us now. God gave us the Bible to help us realize how precious we are. If anyone believes in God, he will live with God and enjoy eternal life. Japanese theologian Uchimura Kanzo wrote this article. "If God curses man, it is not a curse of sickness, failure, betrayal, or death, but rather an unbelief in a living God, with blocked ears that do not hear the Word of God. He will curse him with a dry heart that does not give thanks." Some say that they are grateful because they have received much from God. Such a person can be grateful by counting grace, love, and blessings received from God every day. Some say that they are thankful that they can give. Yesterday, some people treated the people who came to Green College with rich food, and they were glad to see many elders eat a delicious meal while they personally did not eat. The Lord said it is more blessed to give than to receive(Acts 20:35).

The deepest gratitude is thanks for suffering. When Daniel prayed, he became a lion's food and knelt three times a day, praying to God, knowing that his whole body would be torn apart (Daniel 6:10). Helen Keller, who lived with blindness, deafness and an inability to speak, three obstacles, responded to a reporter's question: "Have you lived a lifetime with this kind of physical pain, and you have not begrudged God?" She smiled and answered.
"I do not have time to count the grace that I have received from God, and it is not enough to thank God.
How can there be time to grumble? I do not have enough time to appreciate and be glad of God’s grace."