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To Understand Each Other

2017-09-24 20:45
Pastor’s letter (692) Sep 24th 2017
To Understand Each Other…

There seem to be no problems on the outside, but when you look inside, there are many couples that live away from each other without true understanding. We desperately want someone to understand our minds, but we can live as a selfish island, neglecting efforts to understand others. What does it take to live happily and meaningfully in a once-in-a-lifetime new life given to us while Jesus was bleeding on the cross? I think that it is a mind that understands anothers viewpoint. Many problems in this world arise because we do not understand each other; Marital conflicts, litigation between groups, conflicts between nations, even church issues. We have a point of view and a personal view of others. However, if we observe objectively as we meet and talk, there are many times when we want to show our position rather than listen to the other person's story and hope that the other person will understand us. A couple of days ago, in an American family near church, the couple fought so loudly that the people in the neighborhood heard it all. Both of them were hateful and insulting and did not even attempt to listen to the other side. We are not deaf, but there are so many times when we can’t listen to the other person enough to make conversation even over a small conflict.

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” (Revelation 3:17) Maybe this is what the Lord told me to hear…
We need to think seriously. We predict that no matter what we say, the other person will not understand. We want to avoid arguments and keep the peace(?). However, it is rare that couples who hide and disguise succeed in marriage. It gradually moves away from the will of God, who has become a stranger to both. Some say they are emotionally incompatible and not fit for each other, so it's no use trying to talk. It's a very plausible excuse, but is not emotional compatibility the first part in every relationship? Everyone has their individual background and unique personality, and if we have a willingness to understand and a willingness to love, we will recognize these differences.

Tennis and table tennis are all fun when you can send and receive one ball to the other. With mutual openness, we feel better when we understand the other party's position and share our viewpoint. How can God respond if we spend the day praying to God that we do not understand someone today but want to understand him? If someone who hates and hates living is still in my heart, how can the Lord help me if I ask Him for help in understanding this person? If we want to live a happy and meaningful life, do we need to try to understand the people around us rather than trying to raise the level of our education or our salaries? Holy God came down from heaven to understand me, a sinner, to identify with the sinner. In the identity of the crucified prisoner, He was lowered to the position of sacrifice. If we have courage, love, accept the differences, and pray to God, we will understand each other step by step. Just as we are happy when someone understands us, what if we were to become such a person? Lord, help me to understand rather than to be understood.
Pastor, Ki Beom Lee