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A Person of Concept

2017-07-23 17:16
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July 23 2017

A Person of Concept

Even if you live a busy and complex life, if there comes a moment of forgetfulness and dementia, what if there remains a consciousness in us until the day of death? This concept we should always keep in our hearts. First is the identity concept of who I am. Self-consciousness. We often use names, academic backgrounds, occupations, and titles to represent ourselves, but the truly important identity is '’who I am in God’s eyes'. God shows us Jesus Christ on the cross, and tells us we are the sinners who should have been on the cross. We often do not have a grasp on this concept and that’s why we judge and condemn others, but once we realize that we are big sinners, we have to cry and repent. The tax collector said, "Oh, God, please have mercy on me, a sinner" (Luke 18:13). Most of the problems in the world come from ignorance, pride, and greed about oneself. If we were deeply concerned about whom we are, many problems would be solved naturally.

Second is the grace concept. You can also say it is an appreciation. We have received all things from God, including life, love, health, forgiveness, freedom, heaven, the benefits of nature, and hope for the future. For man who sins and lives miserably, Jesus suffered on the cross. This is not because we deserve to be loved due to certain qualifications or conditions. It is not because of our godly living or great beauty. It is not because we tried hard in our religious lives or because we are cute. We have been saved by God’s grace alone. This is not from us but purely a gift of God (Eph. 2: 8). With the first concept, if we lived only acknowledging our sins, all of us would fall into depression or self-pity, but because of this concept of grace, we live on. It is faith to believe in the one who could love a sinner like me unconditionally enough to die. I have no merit. I am not eligible to claim anything from God. When this consciousness of grace becomes scarce, we become ungrateful and complain. We serve irritably while serving. We think without me, this church is probably going to go wrong. Anyone who is full of the consciousness of Grace gives a beautiful scent everywhere and to everything. Grace revives the community and makes love spring out.

Third is the mission concept. How should I live knowing I am a sinner who is yet loved and received grace through the crucifixion? Why did God save me? It was the original intent of creation, the purpose of God. That is to enable each of us to find his own mission and live it. Michael Jordan played baseball for a while, but he was born for basketball. Tiger Woods is a golfer. Thomas Edison was the king of invention. So what was I born to do? When I know this, I am happy. It is a moment when the ordinary person becomes extraordinary. If I can easily do what is difficult for others, it is because I have talent and gifts. If it is difficult to live with meaningful work, is he not a great person? When Jesus met Peter again, He gave him a mission to take care of “my sheep”. It reminded him of his dream of becoming a fisher of men. There is a dream for me in the heart of the Lord. If you live without a dream these days, pray to the Lord. The Lord will tell you the dream. When dreams come to life, we will live very happy lives. We are lovers of dreams and the Lord.
From Spokane,
Pastor Ki Beom Lee