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2017-06-11 14:43

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                             June 11th 2017





read this article written by Rev. Billy Graham in the Reader's Digest. 

"What is the most annoying problem people have today? I usually answer
with a single word that amazes them. "It is solitude."  

The Bible proposes that the problem of
solitude begins with the destruction of God’s relationship with man from
Genesis to Revelation. 

One mother was sitting on the floor with all her clothing
ripped. She looked like her soul was out there somewhere. 

She quit eating and
drinking, and there was no more energy to mourn any longer. 


A couple of friends
and a few relative sang a funeral song for her, however the sad melancholy
rhythm subdued her feelings even further. 

There was only emptiness in the heart
of this mother who watched her son being carried away in a coffin. 

There was
hopelessness and despair. It was Jesus of Nazareth who reversed this situation
of despair and sadness.

 "Young man, I tell you, get up." (Luke 7:14)
She grabbed her son and her peace was restored. She was no longer lonely.


It was a familiar scene to him
now, that people avoided him when they saw him from a distance. 

A person who
has not experienced the feeling of people hating and distracting him will have
a hard time guessing the weight of this pain. 

Whether he should continue living,
or die instead, he agonized over hundreds of times. 

He does not even remember
the last time he smiled brightly. Jesus came to the tax collector Levi and said
follow me. 

Being honored to call himself a disciple of the Lord, he was
jubilantly joyous to follow him. Now he was no longer lonely.


Loneliness and nostalgia
deepened when the holiday came. He missed his family and dear friends. 

As his body
began to hurt, people began to leave him one by one. 

It had been 38 years since
he lived with hope that his illness would be better this year. 

It was Jesus
Christ who came to him as he passed through middle age. 

He was the one who
asked if he wanted to get well, and made him stand up. 

He thought there was
nobody there to help him, but Jesus helped him and changed his fate.


In stories like this, so many
people were able to overcome their loneliness. 

And at the center of these
stories, there was a meeting with Jesus who made them feel true love. 

communications are evolving and smartphones are in the hands of millions of

still many people live with the feeling of being alone. 


households, singles, people who eat and drink alone are growing at a rapid

Whether you feel the solitude of a leader like Moses, the loneliness of
stubbornness like the prodigal son, 

or the loneliness of compassion like
Elijah, in the roots of loneliness there is a cry of the human soul that yearns
for God. 


God, who has promised us that He will find us when we search for Him, is
still watching over all the world. 

God is telling us that He has prepared a
wonderful plan and a concrete love for us. 

God is whispering to us to not be trivial,
frustrated or lonely.



Bless you who read this article,

Beom Lee