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The Perspective Designer

2017-06-04 14:14

letter (677)                                                                              June 4th


    The Perspective





A point of view refers to the attitude, direction, and
position of a person when he or she observes an object or phenomenon. It all
depends on your perspective and viewpoint. The perspective designer is the
person who designs the viewpoint of the world. Jesus is a representative of a
perspective designer. He allows us to see the world from a whole new
perspective. God shows us His wonderful plan and beautiful love.  Because of Jesus our point of view of death
was also new, and our understanding of God was different from those of existing
religions. So is our interpretation of the Bible.


The point of view of the person and the angle of
understanding also differed from the existing values. Jesus said, "The
daughter of Abraham" (Luke 13:16), who, for 18 years, suffered from a
fever and was unable to unfurl her body. To those who were sorrowful and
desperate that the girl was dead, the Lord said that she was not dead but
sleeping. (Matthew 9:24).  As for
Lazarus, who died and already finished his funeral, Jesus said, "Our
friend Lazarus fell asleep. I will go and wake him up "(John 11:11).


Twelve people returned after 40 days and reported
their survey of the Canaanites, 10 gave a negative and fearful view. Joshua and
Caleb gave a positive and faithful report. The result was destiny divided by
judgment and blessing.


Pastor Kim Byung Tae talks about this in a book called
"Perspective" (Peniel). Amori Prefecture in Japan is famous for apple
cultivation. In 1991, a typhoon blew in and 90% of the apple crop was destroyed
just before harvest. The farmers were grieved and the situation was desperate.
They only resented the sky. However, some people began to pay attention to the
10% that did not fall to the ground even in the typhoon. In spite of such a
strong typhoon, some apples remained steadfast. So they sold these apples with
the name "Exam Passing Apples". The price was 10 times more than
other apples. The result was a big hit. (They made a killing on these apples,
which passed the test)


A pastor had a daughter, but he was worried because
she wore short skirts. One day the church kwonsa saw his daughter and said,
"How can you wear such embarrassingly short clothing? A person sitting
nearby and listening said "So, she can wear short clothing when she is a


One church voted to select church lay leaders, but
some failed. One felt, “I am only worth this much in this church?” He was hurt
and left the church. However, another person thought like this. 'God has not
yet given me permission. God, what am I lacking? Please let me see myself more
clearly. "He made it an opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual progress.
We, who are living with the resurrected Lord, should be good designers who can
see from the perspective of faith.



Brother, Ki Beom Lee